Employing the services of a Commercial Cleaning Company

commercial cleaner

The term Commercial Cleaning is broad and covers many services. From everyday office cleaning to cleaning up after construction work, when you are looking for a good commercial cleaner you need to ensure that they offer the services that you require. In addition to the services offered they must be reliable, trustworthy, experienced and in most cases, background checked. So what services would you expect to find from a good commercial cleaner and what should you be looking for when considering a commercial cleaner for your business or establishment?

Office cleaning

From the reception area of offices to the washrooms and kitchen areas, a professional cleaning service will provide a team of cleaners that will ensure everything is kept clean and tidy and create the right impression of your business to visitors and staff. From day to day hoovering, washing and disinfecting to periodic deep cleaning of carpets you need a team that will cater for all of your requirements.

Restaurant cleaning

From the degreasing of kitchen walls and floors to the washing of windows professional commercial cleaners will provide a service that works alongside your team to maintain a hygienic restaurant that is cleaned to a very high standard. A restaurant’s reputation depends on the hygiene rating of the establishment and a good restaurateur will want to protect it. All restaurants must ensure that they follow FDA guidelines as imposed by their particular state or county. When you are running a busy restaurant things can escape your attention or be continually postponed. Hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure that everything gets done without you having to worry about it.

Construction cleaning

At the end of a construction project begins the big clean up. Construction is a messy business and you can be left with endless amounts of dust, rubble, dirt, mud and an entirely new project on your hands! You may have had an extension of your premises or a re-fit/refurbishment. You may be getting ready for a re-opening or the opening of a new store/premises. Once the construction workers have left you will want to get everything in order to avoid incurring additional costs due to loss of business. Many people will hire the services of a commercial cleaning company to get the job done. It is time consuming and often requires heavy duty equipment more than just a vacuum cleaner and a few dusters.

School cleaning

Schools need regular cleaning and most schools employ the services of a janitorial team to keep on top of the day to day mess that accumulates from having so many children in one place. In high schools the occurrence of graffiti and chewing gum under the tables is a long standing practice and one that must be addressed on a regular basis. Not to mention the washrooms, canteens, classrooms and communal areas and the amount of attention they need. It is paramount that when you hire a team of professionals for the cleaning of a school that they are background checked.

Church cleaning

You may not consider church cleaning to be something that falls within the remit of a commercial cleaning company. Instead many may have the vision of a parish member with a feather duster, dusting the pews. Churches aren’t just used on a Sunday for worship anymore though, instead they are used for regular meetings and other events. Many churches are old buildings with years of history within them therefore it is important to ensure that you choose a team of professionals that know what chemicals can and can’t be used and how to treat fixtures and fittings that may have been there many years.

Medical facility cleaning

It is so important to choose the right commercial cleaners for your medical facility. From infection control to using the right disinfectants in the right areas it takes experience, knowledge and a team of trustworthy professionals with the appropriate background checks to be able to carry out this role. Thorough research, should be undertaken and only the most qualified and experienced professional commercial cleaners should be considered.
Whatever your commercial cleaning needs, make sure you do your research. Consider all of the things you need for your business and choose a professional company with adequate insurance and a good reputation.



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