Janitorial Services Cleaning Tools

janitorial cleaning tools

Companies that provide “commercial cleaning services” or “janitorial services” specialize in cleaning large public, commercial or industrial buildings.  These companies are cleaning on a large scale, using very high-quality equipment to clean efficiently, thoroughly and quickly.

Janitorial services will typically be used to clean schools, government buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, colleges, hotels and hospitals.  Given the size of these buildings, janitorial services must use powerful cleaning appliances and quality cleaning tools to maximize their efficiency. 

This article will take a look at the kinds of tasks performed by janitorial services before comparing their equipment to that used by domestic cleaners.

The Types of Janitorial Services Available

floor cleaning

Janitors perform a wider range of tasks than domestic cleaners.  They are capable of cleaning every part of a building and use highly specialized equipment to accomplish some difficult tasks.  The most common tasks performed by a janitorial service include: 

  • Cleaning and replenishing bathrooms
    Cleaning toilets, sinks, taps, urinals, mirrors, stall walls, doors and emptying the bins.  They will also replenish the bathroom, ensuring it has adequate toilet paper, soap, air fresheners, hand towels and sanitary products. 
  • Floor cleaning
    Janitorial services can handle any kind of floor cleaning including sweeping, mopping, polishing, buffing, stripping, and refinishing.
  • Carpet cleaning
    Janitorial services companies are familiar with a range of carpet cleaning techniques including vacuuming, steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, bonnet carpet cleaning.
  • Cleaning lunch rooms and kitchens
    They will clean the kitchen counters, tables, sinks, taps, walls, dishes, cutlery, ovens, air ducts, exhaust fans, refrigerators, garbage disposals, and dishwashers.
  • Cleaning meeting rooms and work spaces
    Removing rubbish, dusting work areas, disinfecting, wiping down desks, cleaning phones, cleaning light switches and more.
  • Picking up litter and emptying bins
    Janitorial services will pick up and dispose of litter in and around the building.
  • Spot cleaning
    Cleaning any accidental spills in specific areas
  • Setting up rooms
    Moving chairs and tables to match a required configuration
  • Window cleaning
    Janitorial services use a variety of cleaning techniques to clean dozens or hundreds of windows very quickly and thoroughly

How Janitorial Cleaning Equipment Differs to Domestic Cleaning

janitorial domestic tools

Janitorial service providers typically work in large buildings where they have to repeat the same task many times.  Their equipment and techniques are designed to clean on a large scale — efficiently and thoroughly.

Janitorial services tend to work in these buildings during non-business hours, so they are not in the way of customers or employees.  Because they are working in non-business hours, they can use powerful industrial cleaning equipment that is often very loud.  

Here is how common cleaning techniques vary between janitorial services and domestic cleaners:


Janitorial services will use a powerful and expensive industrial vacuum cleaner.  They usually opt for vacuum cleaners that can handle both wet and dry material.  A domestic cleaner typically uses a lower wattage vacuum that may not be able to penetrate as deeply into the lower layers of the carpet.  Many janitorial services also have the equipment necessary to perform dry carpet cleaning or steam cleaning when necessary.

Floor Refinishing

Janitorial services use large industrial machines to strip floors, apply wax and buff.  These large machines are designed to refinish large rooms and very long hallways.  They are expensive machines that are extremely efficient at performing a specific task.  A domestic cleaner may use buckets, mops and hand buffers to accomplish the same task in a home because they are working in a much smaller space.

Cleaning Windows

Professional janitors have a wide range of large squeegees and cleaning solutions for cleaning windows.  They will typically have all of the items they need in a single trolley and can clean a window in seconds.  They have extension poles for their squeegees and cloths, so they can reach the very high windows found in shopping centers and large public buildings.  Janitorial services will also have access to high-pressure cleaners with telescopic handles.

A domestic cleaner has fewer windows to clean and may not require as many squeegees and extension poles.  In many cases, they will just use a window cleaning product and paper towels to clean windows in a home.  It is highly unlikely that they would use an expensive pressure cleaner system for domestic cleaning.

Cleaning and replenishing bathrooms

Janitorial services use the same types of equipment for cleaning bathrooms as a domestic cleaner might, but on a larger scale.  Typically they will use a large trolley with all of the equipment and cleaning supplies they require to clean and restock a bathroom.  A janitor will require more supplies because they are cleaning multiple bathrooms with many toilets, sinks and taps.