Office cleaning is more than just cleaning the workspace

office space

When you think of office cleaning you may just thing of it as exactly that ‘office cleaning’. Whilst you obviously want to keep the areas in which your staff operates clean and hygienic there are more areas to consider than you might think. From the moment someone enters your premises to the moment they leave you want to create the right image. For those that come to work every day you want to ensure that they are working in a happy and healthy environment. After all a happy workforce is a more productive workforce and providing a clean and well maintained office is a key part of this.

The first impression of your business

The reception area of your business is the first impression for everyone that enters your premises. Just as you will want to have staff that are smart and welcoming you will also want to have a clean and tidy reception. This area is a holding area or a waiting room for visitors that will include customers, suppliers and people that are arriving for interview. It is key that these areas are clean and tidy, in fact they should be spotless. Hiring a good professional office cleaner means that all of these areas of your business will be cleaned from top to bottom.

Stairwells and other hard to reach places

This is another key area – although much of the time they may not be used (depending on whether or not you have elevators) it is still important to make sure these are clean and free from dust and cobwebs. With stairwells that go up for many flights some of the areas can be hard to reach. With a professional office cleaning company they will have the equipment to reach those ‘hard to reach’ places meaning that your stairwells will be free from cobwebs that can accumulate over time with neglect.

Glass and windows

More modern and contemporary offices have lots and lots of windows. Not just windows but internally they have glass panels, mirrored walls and impressive glass structures. Smudged, smeared glass can really affect the look of a business and a few fingerprints here and there need to be addressed. When choosing a commercial cleaning company for your offices you must ensure that they have the tools to keep your glass inside immaculate even if they don’t clean the outsides.

The main working spaces

One of the primary concerns when it comes to office cleaning is the office areas themselves. These will need to be cleaned daily to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness is maintained. From keeping communal areas free from dust and grime to making sure floors are thoroughly cleaned a professional cleaning company will make sure that regular and thorough cleaning is carried out ensuring a clean environment for the staff who spend their days there.

Doors and Corridors

Another area that sees a lot of heavy foot traffic, corridors need to be kept clean. Day to day this will mostly involve the cleaning of floors but making sure there are no cobwebs and that doors and entrances are cleaned is equally important.

Areas where food is prepared are vital

For smaller offices a food preparation area may involve a microwave, a sink and dishwasher. For larger businesses they may include canteens and serving areas along with communal eating areas. Daily cleaning of all surfaces, equipment and floors will ensure that germs don’t breed and that the areas where your staff’s food is prepared will be hygienic and free from potential hazards.

Washroom facilities

Professional cleaning companies actually have people that check the washrooms of larger establishments on a regular basis to check, clean and make sure that everything is as you would expect to find it. At these times they will temporarily restrict access to the washrooms whilst they bleach and clean toilets and floors to prevent people slipping on wet floors. In many circumstances they will put up a chart within the toilet which records how many times, at what time and by who the washroom was checked.
When you consider all of the areas within your business that need cleaning you can understand the importance of a professional company that offer a wide range of services to cater for all of your office cleaning needs.



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