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Ever walked into a facility and noticed filthy, stained, or just downright dirty carpets?  And what about that SMELL?  Would you want to buy from them?  Would you want to work for them? Would you want to leave your child, parent, or grandparent there, even just for a few hours?

I think you know that answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Then why is it that companies today don’t seem to value clean, spotless carpets?

This is primarily its due to lack of understanding, and, for many companies, some sort of lack of budget. Many companies are used to only having Truck Mounted carpet cleaning processes done, which are very costly, leave carpets wet for extended periods of time, and it always seem to look the same. Even after this long and tedious process, spots, spills, and traffic patterns always seem to work themselves back in.

Ever wondered why?

Even the best Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners have dry times of at least eight (8) hours. Here’s what happens when you use this carpet cleaning system:

  • 1) Allows for mold, mildew, and algae spores to grow
  • 2) Allows for re-soiling due to foot traffic (ex: peoples shoe bottoms)
  • 3) Allows for “wicking” of spots and spills due to not being removed properly
  • 4) Emphasizes the bad aspect of Indoor Air Quality as many companies use water based deodorizers
  • 5) Average cost is very high in comparison to other methods
  • 6) Leaves chemical residues behind which ultimately attracts dirt, adds to VOC levels, and adds to likeliness of re-soiling

Pinnacle Utilizes low moisture cleaning processes, as they are safer for your family, employees, guests, vendors, and customers. They have the following advantages;

  • 1) Dry times of one (1) hour or less
  • 2) Once the Encapsulation chemical dries, it is vacuumed out, not leaving any residue or dirt attractions behind
  • 3) Low VOC ratings
  • 4) No way for algae, bacteria or mold growth
  • 5) Low PH - almost neutral
  • 6) Safest way to clean carpets
  • 7) Reasonable Cost - in fact, you can usually clean your carpets two or three times for same price as the Truck 8) Mount Extraction method

In today’s world, we have the technology, chemicals, equipment, training, and understanding in order to give you the most VALUE for your carpet cleaning needs!