Church cleaning Indianapolis, Indiana

Church cleaning

Have you noticed more meetings happening at your local place of worship on days not necessarily considered popular for worship?  This is because most church facilities are utilized far more for service rather than just their services and sermons. Before our increasing populous and technologically dependent society, places of worships used to only be open on Saturdays, Sundays, and the occasional Wednesday night. Now, many churches are open and accessible seven (7) day a week, nearly 24 hours a day.

Here are some ways churches/places of worship are utilized:

Counseling centers
Adult daycare/senior centers
Civic group meeting places
Teen/Youth Centers
Private schools
Adolescent daycares
Finance/stewardship training
Special city or county functions
Family gathering functions (ex: movie night)
Bible studies
And much more!

With so many different meetings happening in your local church, you need to a partner that understands the church’s various functions and has a way of addressing your needs in a value-based, stewardship-guided way. Pinnacle is that partner!

We understand the importance of focus, flexibility, function, and format for an adaptive operating program for your facility.

We understand how to utilize the latest technology, providing you with low VOC chemicals, safe and effective ways of disinfecting, and low moisture, chemical-free stripping processes that guarantee little to no downtime.

All of our team members are background checked, uniformed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind, as we understand that our team members will be in constant contact with children, senior citizens, and those in need.

Our Stewardship Operating Principal is our guideline for how we operate and is a direct reflection of who we are as a company.

We talk in terms of Stewardship, Partnership, Flexibility, and Understanding of Need and the best way to be of service to our places of worship. We understand the importance of value vs. price and how best to utilize your precious maintenance dollars.

If your current company doesn’t talk about or understand any of the above, it’s time for a change!