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Change can be tough for anyone. When you make a significant change, you are always hoping that you got it right this time; that this is the final time, the final search, the end of the hunt. The question is: how do you know if you’ve made the right decision? Most companies have references that when you, as a customer, decide to check them always seem to tell you GREAT things, no matter what. Keeping this omnipresent positivity in mind, how are you, as a customer, supposed to know if this is truly the company for you? Your needs, your building, and your frequency of cleaning are all unique, and not all companies can handle those customers who manage to live outside of the norm.

Now you’re thinking: how do I do a better job as the manager or owner of a facility in order to make sure this is the cleaning company I need? How do I make this the last time that I have to go out and find a provider?

Worry Not. Just ask the following questions to your current or future company:

  • 1) Do they talk about Infection Control?
  • 2) Do they talk about how to disinfect?
  • 3) Do they talk about IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) standards?
  • 4) Do they explain to you WHY they use Microfiber – or even if they do?
  • 5) Do they explain to you WHY touchpoint cleaning is mandatory?
  • 6) Do they tell you the level of background checks on their employees – or even if a background check is done?
  • 7) What Training Programs do they have for their employees?
  • 8) What do they PAY their employees by the hour, by the job, flat rate, or % of contract?
  • 9) What commercial cleaning experience does their management staff have?
  • 10) What is their Inspection Program like and is it visible to me as the customer?

ANY sales or management person within our Industry should be able to answer those questions mentioned above without any hesitation, without checking with someone else, without stumbling on their words!

We don’t just talk about these things during the presentation – we LIVE them!We don’t just talk about these things during the presentation – we LIVE them!

Please make sure you check out two (2) very important tabs on our website:

1) Experience
2) Stewardship

We would be honored to add your facility to our growing list of satisfied customers. Do not hesitate to ask our representative the above questions, and never hesitate to call the owner or email them.