Commercial floor cleaning Indianapolis, Indiana

Commercial floor cleaning


What do you notice when you first walk into any facility? 

If you answered “floors,” you would be correct (other acceptable answers are “ceilings,” “furniture,” etc. and we will get to those later)

A negative first impression is hard to overcome.
After all, would you eat in a restaurant that had filthy floors or restrooms? 
Would you buy groceries from a store that had noticeable spots, spills, or scratches?
Would you pay thousands of dollars to rent an office in a facility that dirty, smelly, or un-polished floors?

How many of you just answered NO?
Well, you’re not alone.

How could you leave your child in a daycare or school that was filthy?

How could you leave your family member in a medical facility that had dirty floors?

How could you leave your most valuable asset in the hands of the LOWEST BIDDER?

The answer: YOU WOULDN’T!

Pinnacle has extensive knowledge in the commercial cleaning and floor care industry. We’ve put together comprehensive floor care programs for your facility to make sure your customers always receive a good first impression!

We utilize safe chemicals
We utilize quality equipment
We consistently upgrade our equipment and training for our team
We have chemical-free stripping machines
We have cord electric, battery AND propane polishing machines
We utilize the latest techniques and technology available
We have low moisture carpet cleaning machines
We are always improving our production, which gives us a value proposition offering to our customer
We have over 50 years of floor/carpet care experience

Because of our Stewardship Operating Philosophy we will always strive to give you the Best Value for your maintenance budget. We always look at Value vs. Price.

Pinnacle has the knowledge, experience, equipment, and motivation to keep your facility’s floors in outstanding FIRST IMPRESSION status!

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