Green cleaning

Pinnacle Facility Services knows what GREEN Cleaning means, Does your CURRENT Service Provider?

Keeping up to date with the cleaning in your place of work can be a challenge, but it can be even more challenging if you decide that you would like to use green cleaning techniques. Luckily, here at Pinnacle Indiana, we are able to use our knowledge to make sure that green cleaning practices are followed at all times.

We can provide for you:

- Highly trained staff who are great at what they do. Not only are our staff trained before starting a job, but this training continues with tips given to those who work for us on a weekly basis.

- A responsibility to our clients, those who work for us, and the environment that we work in.

- Chemicals and products that are safe for use in the environment. The quality of these is never compromised, and you can always be sure that they will have a nice smell, unlike some of the harsher chemicals in the industry.

- IAQ focussed equipment.

- The most up to date technology and techniques on the market. This includes carpet cleaning equipment that uses low moisture, in addition to using electrically energized water. The latest technology that we use also includes encapsulation products, ionized water solutions, readi-space low moisture extractors and boost stripping machines.

- Professional practices, including using cloths that are specific for each job being done, means that there is no contamination between surfaces. This also means that the quality of the work done is as high as it possibly can be at all times, assuring you that your business is in safe hands.

- A highly experienced management team with a huge level of experience in the industry; some spanning as much as 50 years.

Stewardship is our key principle, and we strive to be good stewards to:

- Those to whom we provide services
- The environment in which we work
- The budgets of our clients
- The people who work for us.

H2Orange2 Cleaning System

Pinnacle is one of the top commercial cleaning companies in the business, and one of the reasons for this is due to the fact that they always use the best equipment and products available at any time. H2Orange2 is a brand new cleaning fluid that can, impressively, take care of 95% of the work that needs to be done. It is, to date, the only EPA registered stabilized hydrogen peroxide sanitizer.

Amongst the jobs that can be done with this cleaning fluid are: bathroom cleaning, glass, all surfaces, hard floors, getting rid of grease from surfaces, getting rid of bad smells, cleaning your carpets and plenty of other things that you may have in your place of work or your home.

How this works:

You are able to dilute this product in one of two ways, depending on the type of job that needs to be done at the time. The correct dilution means that you can sort out 95% of your cleaning needs, breaking down soils without leaving anything behind unlike a lot of other cleaning products.


99.9% of all known bacteria will be killed by this, and this includes the majority of common bacteria, including the well-known e-coli, staphylococcus and salmonella, which are well known for causing harm in humans.


Of all named viruses, 99.9% of them can be dealt with using this product, including HBV and herpes. Everything is left spotlessly clean thanks to the formula that leaves nothing behind.

Health and Safety

Concentrated version: HIMS: 1,0,0
Diluted: HIMS: 0,0,0
100% biodegradable
No asthmagens
Low VOCs
Neutral pH

*If used as instructed, this cleaning fluid can kill Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, HBV, Influenza A2 and HIV-1.